Getting cheap air tickets doesn’t have to be a difficult process. It requires a little common sense and some research, but overall, traveling around the country doesn’t have to break the bank account. There are a ton of services online that scour the databases looking for the cheapest air tickets that all a consumer needs to do is visit one of these sites and buy the ticket. Getting from point A to point B has never been easier.

The big question people ask, though, is how do I know that the ticket I am buying is the cheapest one available? Here are some things to consider when getting the cheapest air tickets.

  • Location: Where are you flying out of and where are you flying into? If you are flying out of a very small airport and landing in a small airport, there’s a good chance that the cost of the ticket is going to be higher than if you were taking off from a very large airport and landing in a very large airport. Because there are more people flying on their planes, they can use larger planes and therefore, charge less per seat.
  • Connections: Are you willing to have connections on your flight? A connection is a way for an airline to get people from a smaller airport to a larger airport before making the final destination. For example, a lot of people might not be flying from Albany to Las Vegas; however, a connection flight might take people from Albany to Chicago and then the transfer flight is from Chicago to Las Vegas. By bringing everyone to Albany, the airline can pack people onto one larger plane and save gas and money.
  • Where to Buy the Ticket: Some people still feel that they need to go to the airline and purchase the ticket through them. While this might not be a bad idea, in some instances, in others, it is important not to. They have their price and don’t typically lower it. Instead, they pass the lower priced tickets to a third party company such as and Orbitz. Go there. Bypass a travel agent who is going to charge you commissions and go straight to the online site. Getting the cheapest air tickets happens there.

Traveling around the country used to be ridiculously expensive and difficult to plan for. However, with the onset of the Internet, it has become cheaper. Knowing how the airlines work and how they save their money (big planes, more people, more profit per person) can help you to find the cheapest air tickets possible.

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